I have a question about my performance. Who do I call?


Please call Mr Sebastian Sendzik (+49 2302-28222-25) or send an email to sendzik(at)creative-kirche.de .

FAQ – Gospelkirchentag


How can I register my choir for the Gospelkirchentag?


As a choir director you can register your choir through the website www.gospelkirchentag.de (either as “choir” or “participating choir”). You will then receive a reservation code via email, which you can forward to the choristers. Each chorister must register him/herself personally with the choir’s reservation code within 6 weeks’ time. Each chorister will receive his/her own bill and relevant information.

What is a „reservation code“?


The reservation code facilitates group reservations. Each choir director receives a reservation code upon registration to forward to the choristers. The reservation code works like a voucher and includes the eligible discounts (group discount/ participants’ discount). There is no discount without a reservation code.

Is there an expiry date on the reservation code?


The reservation code is valid for six weeks. Within this time all choristers and participants in your group must register online for the Gospelkirchentag. Free slots expire after the deadline. Should you wish to add singers, please send an email to Sendzik (at]creative-kirche.de: stating your name reservation code and the number of singers you would like to add.

Is my festival pass valid for admission to the gala concert?

Yes! Your festival pass is also your ticket to the gala concert in dm-Arena. It’s general seating.

I have to cancel my attendance to the Gospelkirchentag – what do I do?

If you know somebody to take your spot, you can simply register the change via email to  info(at)gospelkirchentag.de . Should you not find a replacement, the following cancellation fees apply:

Registration is binding. Should you have to cancel after 20 July 2018, the cancellation fee is 50% of your original price. After 5 September 2018 the cancellation fee is 80% of the original price. After 15 September 2018 cancellation is no longer possible. Potential refunds will be transferred after the Gospelkirchentag

Festival Service

What is the festival service?


Gospelkirchentag means “gospel church day” so the festival service is a big service in the dm-Arena. All are welcome, no festival pass required. Please note that the sermon will be in German but songs will be sung in English!

At what time does the festival service take place?


The festival service starts at 2 pm in the dm-Arena and finishes by 4 pm.


Where do I get a ticket for public transport?


The festival pass is also valid for public transportation – the fee is included the fare. If you would like to board public transportation the festival pass must be carried on the person at all times. 

Where and for how long is the ticket valid?


The festival pass is valid for using public transport during the three days of the event in all of Karlsruhe. It expires on Monday, 24 September at 3 am.

How to I get to the dm-Arena from Karlsruhe city centre?

The dm-Arena is in the Southwest of Karlsruhe. The tram S2 takes you from Karlsruhe city centre to the dm-Arena (stop “Messe/Leichtsandstrasse”) in 22 minutes.

City stages

How do I apply for a performance on one of the open-air stages on Saturday?


You can apply for a performance on of the open-air stages via email to info(at)gospelkirchentag.de. Your application should take the form of a short cover letter with visual and acoustic samples of recent performances.

With what kind of equipment are the stages fitted?


The open-air stages are fitted with microphones for the choir and two microphones for soloists, one for speaking, stage monitors, drums and an e-piano, with sound pick-up. Other instruments must be provided by performing choirs.

When will I know if and where I will perform on Saturday afternoon?


You will be informed whether or not you were accepted to perform on an open-air stage in May 2018. The time and place of performance will be allotted shortly after.

Gala concert

When and where is the gala concert?


The International Gospel Celebration feat. Kirk Franklin at the Gospelkirchentags begins on 22 September at 7.30 pm in the dm-Arena, Karlsruhe

Can I reserve seats for the gala concert?


The gala concert at the dm-Arena is general seating. There are both seats and standing room.
You can buy tickets here: https://www.ticketmaster.de/artist/kirk-franklin-tickets/3403?language=en-us 

Gospel night

Are there free slots for the gospel night?


Yes. You can register for the gospel night until 1 March 2018.

How can I register my choir?


You can make a reservation here, indicating you technical standard, size of choir and repertoire. The Gospelkirchentag’s head quarter will allocate and coordinate each choir to the hosting churches.

When and how will I get the confirmation about my performance venue and time?


We will send you an email with the relevant information in April 2018 informing you about your performance time and venue.

Do I have to register for the Gospelkirchentag even though I am part of a performing choir?


Yes, each chorister must register to the Gospelkirchentag as a prerequisite to participating in the gospel night.

What kind of equipment is available for our performance during the gospel night?


Basically the gospel night relies on the equipment provided by the participating choirs, which you have to indicate during registration. You will be allocated a slot at a church with three other choirs in April 2018. At this time you will be informed what kind of equipment you are to contribute and what technical standard you can expect in your church. Please note that we try and prefer the equipment provided by German choirs so as to facilitate the long journey from foreign choirs.

Can we bring our own equipment?


The gospel night relies on equipment provided by the participating choirs. Please let us know what technical equipment you can provide. It is absolutely vital that the other choirs performing in your location use your equipment just as you can use theirs.

How long is our performance?


You will have a time slot of 45 minutes for your performance, including a quick sound check. The longer you take for the sound check, the shorter your performance will be.

Who can answer my question about the performance?


Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Sebastian Sendzik: sendzik@creative-kirche.de; +49 2302/28222-25


Shared accommodation

What is the cheapest kind of accommodation in Karlsruhe?


The cheapest way to stay in Karlsruhe is the shared accommodation provided by the Gospelkirchentag. Shared accommodation means a stay in gyms right in the heart of Karlsruhe for two nights for only 24 € (20 € concession) incl. breakfast. Just check the box “shared accommodation” during registration. All you have to provide is: tableware for your breakfast, towels and whatever you need for sleeping (sleeping bag, inflatable mattress).

In which gym will I stay?



If you have booked shared accommodation, you will receive the information about which gym you will stay in about six weeks prior to the Gospelkirchentag together with all of your customers’ material.



What opportunities does the Gospelkirchentag offer for young people?


Young people are welcome to participate either in the Gospelkirchentag or the SoulTeens Days – the Gospelkirchentag’s programme specially designed for young people. Find out more about it here (www.gospelkichentag.de).


Can I bring my baby?


The Gospelkirchentag is rather unsuitable for children. However, you may bring your baby should you wish to do so. Children up to six years, who do not require seating, are free. Accordingly they must not take up seats and will not be issued a festival pass. Children from six years of age or children who need their own seats must register for the Gospelkirchentag but will only pay the reduced price.

What programme for children does the Gospelkirchentag offer?



The Gospelkirchentag is unsuitable for small children

How much do children have to pay for participating at the Gospelkirchentag?



Children from six years of age pay the reduced rate according to their category.

Mass Choir

Who is leading the mass choir this year?


At the Gospelkirchentag 2018 you will see the following artists: Hans Christian Jochimsen, Miriam Schäfer; Hanjo Gäbler, Hezekiah Walker and Hans-Martin Sauter. You can experience the artists’new songs at the Gospelkirchentag.



Are the locations at the Gospelkirchentag accessible for wheelchair users?


As the main location, the dm-Arena, all open-air stages and most churches are barrier-free. Please contact the head-quarter for the details on the workshop locations once you have received your programme (about six weeks prior to the Gospelkirchentag).

I need somebody to accompany me. Do they need to buy a ticket?


Required accompanying persons have free access to all events at the Gospelkirchentag.

I am a wheelchair user or my mobility is restricted. How do I register?


To ensure reservations without restricted view for you, we kindly ask you to register via phone +49-28222-25 or send an email to sendzik@creative-kirche.de.

Are concession prices applicable to disabled customers?



Yes. Concession prices at a 10 € discount are applicable customers with disabilities. Concession tickets are only valid when accompanied by appropriate identification. 



Can I purchase additional sheet music or CDs at the Gospelkirchentag?


There will be a Gospelkirchentag-Shop at the dm-Arena and in the city centre of Karslruhe which will offer the performaing artists’ songbooks and CDs as well as an assortment of Gospel sheet music and CDs.


Special projects

Are there special projects?



At the Gospelkirchentag 2018 there will be a youth project in a special location.

If I register for the SoulTeens festival, do I automatically get a festival pass for the Gospelkirchentag?



The SoulTeens Days have their own programme on Saturday. On Sunday you will participate in the Gospelkirchnetag’s programme.



Is the songbook included in the customers‘ material?


The Songbook "Best of Gospelkirchentag 2018" is included in the price for the festival pass. You will automatically receive it with your customers’ material six weeks prior to the event.

Which songs are included in the songbook?



All songs to be sung at the mass choir are included in the songbook. The songs are SATB and will be taught by the mass choir instructors. At the festival service we will sing them again together.

Do I have to order the songbook?


No. The songbook is included in the price for the festival pass. You will automatically receive it with your customers’ material six weeks prior to the event.


Who organizes the Gospelkirchentag?


The Gospelkirchentag is organized by the Creative Church Foundation together with the Protestant churches of Baden, Württemberg and in Karlsruhe as well as the city of Karlsruhe, the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) and more co-operation partners.

Who will answer my questions about the Gospelkirchentag?


Please do not hesitate to direct all of your questions about the Gospelkirchentag at the head quarters of the Creative Church Foundation in Witten, Germany. You can reach the office at  +49 2302 28222-25 or via mail at service(a)gospelkirchentag.de.


Where can I eat at the Gospelkirchentag?


There are plenty of options for eating and drinking in downtown Karlsruhe, even at low prices. In addition to the restaurants and pubs downtown there will be food stalls at the “Gospel for Fair Trade” during the opening ceremony.

Where can I eat in the dm-Arena?


In the arena there will be snacks and drinks at moderate prices for sale, which will be catered by the dm-Arena.


Where can I register to the workshop?



You do not need to register to the workshops at the Gospelkirchentag. Each customer can chose the workshops he/she is interested in and participate.

Do workshops get closed due to overcrowding?


Yes, that can happen – all rooms have their limits. We recommend that you arrive at your location early. The Gospelkirchentag cannot guarantee that you will get a seat at a particular workshop. There is enough space for everyone to participate in a workshop.

Do you repeat some workshops?



Yes. Due to popular demand some workshops are repeated. You will find information on that in the programme which you will receiver six weeks prior to the Gospelkirchentag. We kindly ask that you do not attend the same workshop twice so as to give everyone a chance to participate in the workshop of their choice.

Do I need special skills for the workshops?


The Gospelkirchentag offers workshops at different levels and will be marked accordingly: for beginners, advanced, professionals.

Are there handouts for the workshops?


Some workshops distribute handouts if it makes sense. Others, like “Open gospel singing” do not – in those cases you may purchase the sheet music later at the shop.

How long is the workshop?



Each workshop takes roughly 75 minutes.

Can I go to more than one workshop?



Each customer can go to as many workshops as he/she likes. Depending on the locations of the workshops you choose you can do approximately three to four workshops.

Are all the workshops free of charge?



The festival pass of the Gospelkirchentag offers you access to all of the workshops on Saturday.