International Gospel Celebration

The greatest gospel musician of our time, Kirk Franklin (USA) is coming to the gala concert of the Gospelkirchentag. On Saturday evening (22nd September), he will return to Europe’s largest gospel festival after ten years!

The traditional gala concert will be turned into an International gospel celebration in the dm-arena with elements of soul, funk, pop and hiphop. The concert will open with Danish gospel star Hans Christian Jochimsen leading Miriam Schäfer, Joakim Arenius, Chris Lass and other German and international stars in a best of songs of the past Gospelkirchentage. Kirk Franklin will present a best of his 20 year-career as a grand finale.

Kirk Franklin

Even after a 20 year-career in the gospel community, during which he has won 12 Grammys and toured the world several times, Kirk Franklin is still not ready to retire. Born in Texas, he founded his first gospel choir by age 11 and shortly after started composing too. Songs like "My life is in your hands“, "Hosanna“, "Imagine me“ or "I smile“ are amongst the most popular choir songs throughout the world. And he has sold more than 10 million albums to date.

During the 90s Kirk Franklin revolutionized gospel music by covering the gap between Christian and secular music. He has worked with numerous famous artists, such as Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Kanye West, Lecrae and Bono. The combination of spiritual lyrics with hiphop beats have saved a permanent spot on the Billboard. His fans love the 48-year-old American Music Award winner for the authenticity of his Christian faith.


The festival pass give you free entrance to the concert. Concert tickets to the International Concert Celebration are available outside of participating in the Gospelkirchentag.

Festival passes as well as Concert tickets for the International Gospel Celebration can be purchased at the box office and online.

Concert tickets for the International Gospel Celebration: 39,- € (or 34,- € concession*) including travelling to and from the concert within Karlsruhe city

* General concession prices are applicable to students, registered unemployed, and customers with disabilities. Concession tickets are only valid when accompanied by appropriate identification.