When you sing “I will follow him“ or “Amazing Grace” from the bottom of your heart you are spreading the Good News of God’s love. But we all know actions speak louder than words! For their campaign “gospel for a better world” choirs take a stand against poverty and exploitation. The campaign started in 2010 at the last Gospelkirchentag in Karlsruhe. Since then hundreds of choirs have raised money at charity concerts for Bread for the World and thousands of singers have informed their audience about poverty, exploitation and climate protection.

We all know those images: hungry children, poverty, despair. 15% of the world’s population is going hungry. 45 million people live as slaves. Today! We can go to outer space but we do not provide food for the hungry or help the poor. The question should be: what can I do to change the world and to improve the lives of the poor?

As consumers, voters and singers we have the power to influence this. We are many: there are millions of gospel singers in the world and billions of audience members who come to their gospel concerts – what a chance!

Gospel music is the musical communication of the Good News of God’s love in Jesus Christ, who said “As you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me” (Matthew 25). With the campaign “gospel for a better world” we are using our musical gifts and talents to oblige.

“Gospel for a better world” is a national campaign by Bread for the World and the Creative Church Foundation. It is funded by the clerical insurance company VRK.