Gospel for a better world


Those who sincerely sing "I will follow him" or "Amazing Grace" spread the Good News of the love of God. But we all know, actions say more than lyrics! Hundreds of gospel choirs are making a stand against poverty and exploitation with the "Gospel for a better world" campaign. The action was initiated in 2010 at the Gospelkirchentag in Karlsruhe. In charity events, such as the Gospelnight, thousands of singers throughout Germany inform their audience about poverty, exploitation and climate protection and collect donations for development projects of Bread for the World.

We all know these pictures: hungry children, poverty, hopelessness. Nearly one in seven people is starving, 45 million live as slaves. And today! We can fly into space and dismay is not enough: the question is: what can I do to change the world to improve the living conditions for the poorest?

As consumers, as voters and as singers, we have influence. Because: we are many: 100,000 sing in German gospel choirs. Millions of people visit gospel concerts every year. If that is no chance!

Gospel is the sung good news of the love of God in Jesus Christ. He says, "What you did for one of my least brothers, you have done for me." (Matthew Gospel, chapter 25). With the Gospel for a better world campaign, we use our talents and resources to accomplish this mission.

"Gospel for a better World" is a nationwide action by "Brot für die Welt" and the Stiftug Creative Kirche. The action is supported by "Versicherer im Raum der Kirchen" und der "Bank im Bistum Essen".

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