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How can I register my choir for Gospelkirchentag?

Jeder Gruppen- / Chorleiter muss seinen Chor einmal bei Gospelkirchentag.de unter >>Anmeldung anmelden (als Chor oder als Mitwirkender Chor). Daraufhin erhält der Gruppenleiter einen Reservierungscode per E-Mail, den er an die Sängerinnen und Sänger des Chores weitergibt. Mit diesem Code muss sich jede/r Teilnehmer/in des Chores selber anmelden. Dafür hat die Gruppe insgesamt 6 Wochen Zeit. Daraufhin erhält jede/r Teilnehmer/in die Rechnung und die notwendigen Informationen direkt postalisch zugesandt.

Each group / choir leader can register their choir at Gospelkirchentag.de under >> Registration (as 'choir' or as 'participating choir'). Then he /she  will receive a reservation code by e-mail, which he / she can pass on to the singers of the choir. With this code every participant of the choir can register themselves. The code is valid for six weeks. Each participant then receives their invoice and the necessary information directly via mail.


What is a „reservation code“?

The reservation code facilitates group reservations. Each choir leader receives a reservation code upon registration to forward to the singers. The reservation code works like a voucher and includes the eligible discounts (group discount/ participants’ discount).


Is there an expiry date on the reservation code?

The reservation code is valid for six weeks. Within this time all singers and participants in your group must register online for the Gospelkirchentag. Free slots expire after the deadline. Should you wish to add singers, please send an email to service[at]creative-kirche.de with your name reservation code and the number of singers you would like to add.


Free public transport

Is public transport really free?

A ticket for public transport is included in the fare for the Gospelkirchnetag. For the duration of the festival, the festival pass is your ticket for public transportation. Please carry it on you at all times!


Where and for how long is the ticket valid?

The festival pass is valid for public transport during the three days of the event in all of Hanover. It expires on Monday, 14 September at 3 am.


Open-air stages

What kind of equipment can we expect on the open-air stages?

The open-air stages are fitted with microphones for the choir and two microphones for soloists. There is also one microphone for speaking, stage monitors, drums and an e-piano with sound pick-up.

When will I know if and where I will perform on Saturday afternoon?

You will be informed whether or not you were accepted to perform on an open-air stage in May 2022. The time and place of performance will be allotted shortly after.


When and where is the concert?

The festival concert will take place on Saturday evening, 17 September 2022 at 7.30 pm. The place will be announced.



Are there free slots for the gospelnight?

Yes. You can register for the gospel night until 30 April 2022.

How can I register my choir?

You can register here, indicating your technical requirements, number of singers and repertoire. The Gospelkirchentag’s head quarter will allocate and coordinate each choir to the hosting churches.

When and how will I get information about my performance venue and time?

We will send you an email with the relevant information in May 2022 informing you about your performance time and venue.

Do I have to register to the Gospelkirchentag even though I am performing choir?

Yes, all singers must register to the Gospelkirchentag.

What kind of equipment is available for our performance during the gospelnight?

The gospelnight relies on the equipment provided by the participating choirs from Germany. You can indicate what technical equipment you need upon registration. You will be allocated a slot at a church with three other choirs in May 2022. At this time you will be informed what kind of technical standards you can expect in your venue.

Can we bring our own equipment?

The gospelnight relies on equipment provided by the participating choirs from Germany. If you can bring technical equipment, please let us know. However, please note that all choirs performing at the same venue share their equipment as there is no time to set up in between sets.

How long is our set?

You will have a time slot of 45 minutes for your performance, including a brief sound check. The longer you take for the sound check, the shorter your performance will be.

Overnight stay

What is the cheapest kind of accommodation in Hannover?

The cheapest way to stay in Hannover is the shared accommodation provided by the Gospelkirchentag. Shared accommodation means a stay in gyms right in the heart of Hannover for two nights for only 24 € (20 € concession) incl. breakfast. Just check the box “shared accommodation” during registration. All you have to bring is

  • tableware for your breakfast
  • towels
  • whatever you need for sleeping (sleeping bag, inflatable mattress).


In which gym will I stay?

If you have booked shared accommodation, you will receive information about which gym you will stay in about six weeks prior to the Gospelkirchentag.


Where can I book a hotel?



What opportunities does the Gospelkirchentag offer for young people?

Young people are welcome to participate either in the Gospelkirchentag or the SoulTeens fetsival – the Gospelkirchentag’s programme specially designed for young people. All further information about the Soulteens Festival will be published here.


Can I bring my baby?

The Gospelkirchentag is rather unsuitable for children. However, you may bring your baby should you wish to do so. Children up to six years, who do not require seating, are free. Accordingly they must not take up seats and will not be issued a festival pass. Children from six years and older or children who need their own seating must register for the Gospelkirchentag but will only pay the reduced price.


Does the Gospelkirchentag offer anything for children?

No, the Gospelkirchentag is unsuitable for small children.


How much do children have to pay?

Children from six years of age pay the reduced rate according to their category.


Mass Choir

What do I have to do to sing in the mass choir?

If you would like to sing in the mass choir please just register to the Gospelkirchentag and get your festival pass.


Are the locations at the Gospelkirchentag accessible for wheelchair users?

We try and make every venue of the Gospelkirchentag accesible for wheelchair users. However, please check the accessibility of the workshop venue in the programme. The opening show, mass choir practice, concerts and festival service will be accessible for wheelchair users.


I need somebody to accompany me. Do they need to buy a ticket?

Required accompanying persons have free access to all events at the Gospelkirchentag.


I am a wheelchair user or my mobility is restricted. How do I register?

To ensure reservations without restricted view for you, we kindly ask you to register via email to service@creative-kirche.de.


Are concession prices applicable to disabled customers?

Yes. Concession prices at a 10 € discount are applicable to customers with disabilities. Concession tickets are only valid when accompanied by appropriate identification. 



Which songs are included in the songbook?

All songs to be sung at the mass choir are included in the songbook. The songs are SATB and will be taught by the mass choir instructors. We will also sing them at the festival service.


Do I have to order the songbook?

No. The songbook is included in the price for the festival pass. You will automatically receive it with your customers’ material.



How long is a workshop?

Each workshop is about 75 minutes.


Can I go to more than one workshop?

Yes, you may go to as many workshops as you like. Depending on the locations of the workshops you can do approximately three to four workshops.


Are all the workshops free of charge?

The festival pass of the Gospelkirchentag offers you access to all of the workshops on Saturday.