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Those who sincerely sing "I will follow him" or "Amazing Grace" spread the good news of the love of God. But we all know, actions say more than lyrics! Hundreds of gospel choirs are campaigning against poverty and exploitation with the Gospel campaign for a more just world. We present our current donation project here:

Singin' without rain

This is Namanu. The twenty-three-year-old lives in northern Kenya. As a result of climate change, rain falls there and water becomes scarce. Every day Namanu and the other Maasai women have to walk to the waterhole. For four kilometers, they have to carry their 20 kilogram water cans every day, because the water is needed for drinking, cooking and washing. On the way, the women start singing songs together, because the singing makes the dusty path to the water hole more bearable. Through singing and clapping they also scare off wild animals, because the women have to carry the precious water for hours on arduous paths. The construction of dams that store rainwater during periods of drought is an efficient way to shorten the distances and bring the water where it's needed. This water secures the life of Namanu's young family.


How can you support this project? As a choir singer, you have received a wonderful gift! At the International Gospelkirchentag, you can vote for those who do not have one. The Gospel for a better world invites you to use this gift beyond:

  • Give your own charity concert in aid of "Bread fpr the world" (the action office supports you with flyers, tips and professional press releases!)
  • Put a mark on Gospelday
  • Fighting for human rights (for example, the right to clean drinking water) with the choirmusical Martin Luther King
  • You are currently choir-less and still want to do something? You can donate for this project

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