Experience God at the Gospelkirchentag

... takes place literally "on every corner" - because it is GospelKIRCHENtag and the good news of the love of God is heard on every stage. Of course, there are also some special events that we recommend to you.



On the market "gospel and justice" will be , as in the last few years the "Himmelszelt".

On a postcard you can write your request there: Who is to comfort God? Where do you need his support?
We will pray for all concerns.

In the Himmelszelt you can not just write a postcard with your request. There you will also find opportunities to talk about God and the world.

Gospel Meditation

In the middle of the bustle of the festival press the stop button! The voice is flowing and drop yourself. A feast for the soul!

With Hans Christian Jochimsen (Denmark) and Matthias Kleiböhmer (Creative Church)

Place and time will be published in the program.


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