Opening celebration

The Gospelkirchentag begins on Friday, the 21.09.2018 from 17 clock in the middle of the city center with a grand opening celebration. High-caliber musical guests from Germany as well as from other European countries will launch the first evening of the three-day festival on the main stage of Gospelkirchentag. In addition to the musical program, prominent guests from politics, church and culture are expected. After the central opening celebration, the decentralized gospel night will begin at over 25 locations throughout Hanover.


With Samuel Ljungblahd (S)

Samuel Ljungblahd will perform with his band from Sweden at the opening ceremony of the Gospelkirchentag. The Swedish gospel star could already be seen at the Gospelkirchentag in Braunschweig in 2016.
In 2015 he sang "Joyfull Joyfull" at the Swedish wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia, which made him widely known throughout Europe.



Choir of the nations

A highlight of the opening ceremony is the choir of the nations.

The choir of the nations is a project of the Gospelkirchentag, where young people of all backgrounds from Hanover and the region sing together. With this performance they stand up for diversity and tolerance.
The youngsters between the ages of 12 to 20 meet approximately half a year before the event and rehearse together with a choirmaster. Invited are all who show their colors together at the show and want to be a role model for dealing with our fellow human beings.

Last year, more than ninety young people sang their hit song "Eine Sprache" with the German-Pop Duo Parallel.

"No matter in which city, the music always plays, for us in the same bar." We speak a language even if it sounds different, because even a thousand words are nothing but words We speak a language because we are all the same and we are also billions we are one."

The message that we always have a common language in music is shown by the young people with this appearance in the choir of the nations on the Gospelkirchentag.
As a further sign each child wears a country flag on his T-shirt to showcase the diversity in the city of Hannover and in this world and to show how beautiful our world is colorful.

Further information about the Choir of Nations in Hannover and the registration will follow and will be announced here and in the social networks.

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