Mass Choir

What awaits you at the Mass Choir

The highlight for many is the central Mass Choir rehearsal with 5.000 votes. To your heart's content, new songs are sung by renowned composers and teachers from around the world.

There are two Mass Choir units in Hanover, one on Saturday morning (12.9., 9-12 am), the other on Sunday afternoon (13.9., 1 to 4 pm), each at the Swiss Life Hall.
Singing in the mass choir with 5.000 other singers is a highlight for most participants. Notable composers and renowned instructors sing a “best of” of their favourite songs with you.


To attend the mass choir you need a festival pass. The songbook with the mass choir songs is included in the fare for the festival pass.

Hans Christian Jochimsen

Hans Christian lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a songwriter, choir director, producer, music pastor and promoter. He has been writing songs for more than 20 years and specializes in gospel music and praise & worship.




Chris Lass

Chris Lass is a half german, half british gospel artist.
His style of music is very versatile. Modern grooves alternate with dolce ballads. Chris has already taught workshops at the Gospelkirchentag 2014. In 2018 he instructed the young mass choir and this year he will be an instructor at the mass choir in Hanover.




Donald Lawence

"The man who wears many musical colors."
These seven words describe Donals Lawrence’s complexity. The songwriter, producer, composer and choir director is versed in inspirational and contempiorary gospel. He has won several Grammys and Stellar awards and has worled with renowned artists, such as Kirk Franklin, Karen Clark Sheard, En Vogue and many more.



Joakim Arenius

Whoever has experienced Joakim Arenius live, knows that a lot of quality gospel music comes from Scandinavia. Joakim has become known as the leader of the renowned choir "Joybells". Today he gives workshops from Russia to Spain and inspires other people to sing. With the Gospel Jam Tour 2019 Joakim has already put us in the mood for the 10th International Gospel Church Day 2020 in Hannover on his tour from Flensburg to Stuttgart.


Nina Luna Eriksen und Mads Holm Andersen

Nina Luna is an internationally requested and charismatic singer with a great love for gospel. Mads is a gifted gospel pianist and stomp expert. Besides their own choirs and projects they give many workshops together in Denmark and Germany. For many years they have been a permanent member of the Gospelkirchentag Band and in 2020 they will present us their own song in the Mass Choir.

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